Wednesday, 19 January 2011

When Shared Parameters Lose their Way

On occasion, a shared parameter that is under one group in a family will mysteriously end up in the 'Other' group, when loaded into a project. In this case,the parameter 'Section Name'

In order to fix this, do the following:
  • On the 'Manage' tab, click 'Project Parameters' on the 'Settings' panel

  • Now select the shared parameter from the shared parameter file and set the 'group under' to the match the correct group in the family. Click 'Ok'

  • Now go back into the Project Parameter dialogue, select the parameter and hit 'remove'

  • Now you'll be left with the shared parameter in the family under the correct group

I've no idea why Revit does this, but its clearly a bug. It will do it with the same shared parameter used in multiple families, but once you apply this fix, all the families that contain the offending parameter will then be correct.

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