Thursday 23 October 2008

Over the last couple of weeks we have been updating

our Beam and Column Families. I have now made these available and they are in the usual place MasterDocs\CAD\Revit\Waterman Library\Families\Columns & MasterDocs\CAD\Revit\Waterman Library\Families\Steel
The new Column ones are called W_COL_??? and the Framing ones W_FRA_??? and all include the Waterman Reference number.
We have also created some Advanced Steel Families ( UKB , UKC etc ).

If you are using the old versions I have put these in a sub folder called superceded.

Wednesday 22 October 2008

Using the Linework tool ...

Something that was pointed out to me recently and has just floated back to the top of my memory.
Each time you click an edge, the new linework will be applied to the edge and it will remain selected with editable handles at each end of the line. You can stretch these handles to confine the effect of the edit to a portion of the edge.

As you can see by the image I have changed the lines to Hidden and pulled the handles down so only part of the line is shown as hidden

I have found this very useful in getting those sections and details looking just right.

Tuesday 21 October 2008

I have created a mapping file for when you need to export

your views / sheets out to AutoCAD dwg files. The mapping file can be found in \MasterDocs\CAD\Revit\Waterman Library and is called WGPLC-exportlayers-dwg.txt
To do this go to --> file --> Export --> CAD Formats
Then go to Layer SettingsIf not already loaded you can Load and Browse to the file ..

As always if you find anything I have missed or got wrong please let me know.

As most of you already know ..... I do make mistakes.

Wednesday 15 October 2008

I have taken the liberty of doing a cut & paste

from Bim&Beam and an interview with Ericksen Roed & Associates which sums up exactly why you should all be looking at using Revit.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone in the field of structural engineering who is NOT using Revit Structure today, what would it be?
Do absolutely nothing – your clients will find us! But, seriously, don't wait any longer! Revit Structure is a mature tool capable of producing higher quality Construction Documents than 2D CAD and providing better information for downstream use. Much of the content we had to develop internally in the early releases is now available right out of the box. Ignore this industry trend at your own peril (I am serious about that!).

Tuesday 7 October 2008

Our Sustainable Energy Department in Leeds

is now producing some good looking work in Revit.

Bits shown in grey are existing and the red is proposed. A bit of colour and a couple of 3D images make all the difference.

Thanks to Roger Starkey for sharing.

Monday 6 October 2008

Close Hidden Windows .....

I posted about this on the 16th September. If you remember ???Scott Davis of Autodesk added a comment to this post regarding adding a "Keyboard Shortcut" to this command. Excellant tip thanks Scott.

To do this go find the file called KeyboardShortcuts.txt it should be located in your C:\Program Files\Revit Structure 2009\Program folder. Open up the file and scroll down to the window menu section and add a xx in.
Close and open Revit. Then all you have to do is type xx to close all of your hidden windows.

Friday 3 October 2008

We have added a couple of options to help label Viewports

in a way we are more used to seeing.

For example this will enable you to call up sections as :-

You can also take advantage of these on current projects by loading W_View Title families. Which can be found in MasterDocs\CAD\Revit\Waterman Library\Families\Annotation

Wednesday 1 October 2008

Having learnt a bit more at the AUGI Design Academy

last week I have managed to rationalise the number of drawing sheets we had. I've done this using a " Visibility " parameter. Never even considered it before.
So when you start a new project using our Template 5 different drawing sheets will be loaded. A0-WGroup, A1-WGroup, A2-Wgroup, A3-WGroup & A4-Wgroup.

To turn on your particular address and Company name. Select the drawing sheet and go to the Element Properties and turn on the relevant bits.