Thursday 21 May 2009

Turning off individual elements in a linked Revit model

We often have the need to link Revit models to each other and then "Hide in View" certain bits and pieces.

As you will know if you hover over the linked model Revit will put a box around it and display some information about it.

If you hover over the item you wish to hide and hit the tab key to will be able to select it and then hide in view.

Friday 8 May 2009

Ever wanted to stop two walls joining in RS2010 ?

This is still an operation that needs doing prior to modelling the second wall. Unless someone out there knows how to do it after the event ?

So .... Draw your wall then go to the Modify Tab and find the Wall Joins icon.
Then hover over the end of the wall you want to stop joining wait for the box to appear and select the end of the wall.This will wake up the Disallow Join button.

You now also get a nice little icon showing wich walls have been stopped from joining.