Wednesday 8 June 2011

'Date & Time Stamp' for Generic Annotation Families

The following video outlines a method for getting the Date/Time stamp parameter available to Title Block families into Generic Annotation families. The example shown is an update to the status banner that we use on drawing sheets.

The main points are as follows:

  • Open the Generic Annotation family you want to edit (or start one from scratch)
  • Create a new label. Under 'Family Category & Parameters', change the category to 'Title Blocks'. This will open up the 'Date Time Stamp' parameter. Apply this parameter to the label
  • Select all labels in the family and cut to the clipboard
  • Under 'Family Category & Parameters', change the category back to 'Generic Annotation'
  • Paste the label elements back to the same place
  • If working on an existing family, as demonstrated in the video, it will mess up some of the categories and labels. These now need to be corrected. If starting from scratch, do the 'Date Time Stamp' steps above first, to avoid any of this re-work
  • Please note that this built-in 'Date Time Stamp' takes its format from the Windows system settings
That's pretty much it. Enjoy