Wednesday 21 January 2009

Ever wanted to stop two walls joining ?

We have two walls that have a 75mm expansion joint betwen the ends. When trying to model this initially we couldn't get the walls to stop joining "automatically" until we noticed the Edit Wall Joins button which wakes up the Disallow Join button.

Easy now we know !!!!

Thanks to Simon Jones for showing me this.

Monday 19 January 2009

Changing CAD files to a new workset ...

We have probably all done this.

When creating a workset for our Cad models if you forget to uncheck the box that says "visible by default in all views". Every time you create a view all the Cad files come in with it.
There is a fix.

Create a new workset making sure you uncheck the "visible by default in all views".
Then make the old workset editable by picking the button towards the bottom of the right of the window.
Then close the window and reopen it.
Highlight the old workset and pick the delete button on the right.
You will then be prompted where to move the information on the old workset.
Select the new workset.
The old workset disappears and you can then rename the new workset to whatever you like.

Thanks to Mike Jones for this tip.

Tuesday 13 January 2009

Following on from the "Re-Branding" post yesterday.

I received a couple of comments on the way I had done things and after looking into it I've changed the drawing sheets and templates slightly.
So if you re-loaded the drawing sheets yesterday you will have to do so again to be up to date.

Thank you to those that took the time to point out a better way.

Monday 12 January 2009

We have been re-branded and as a consequence our logo has changed.

I have updated our Revit template, but, any projects that are already up and running will need the new drawing sheet loaded in. Unfortunately in Revit you will have to do this manually.
The new sheets can be found in \masterdocs\CAD\Revit\Waterman Library\Drawing Sheets
If you are using any project specific drawing sheets these will also need updating to show the new logo. If you require any assistance doing this then please contact me.

Friday 9 January 2009

We have a new Family for putting recesses in slabs.

It can be found in \masterdocs\cad\revit\Waterman Library\Families\Slabs and is called W_GEN_Square Recess.rfa

Once loaded it will appear in your project browser under Geneeric Models.

Once loaded you can drag and drop it onto your slab, but, the trick is to select Place on Face from your options menu.

Once in place you can resize it by using the drag handles or via element propertes.