Sunday, 30 January 2011

Profile Families & Reference Lines

When building a complex Profile family, sometimes this can be hampered by the fact that Reference Lines are not available and you are limited to Reference Planes. One thing you can do however, is nest a Detail Item family in a Profile family. Using this fact, you can build a 'rig' of Reference Lines in a Detail Item family. This can then be loaded in and lines can be traced over and locked to this. The Detail Item family is flexed by through-linking its type parameters to identical parameters in the Profile family. The concept is demonstrated in the video below:

I understand that the example can be perfectly achieved directly in a profile family, but I wanted to keep the example simple for the purpose of this post


Unknown said...

Nice technique! I have posted some workarounds using Profile families at:
Copy between Project and Family
Copy from Annotation to Model Families

Darren Snook said...

Thanks Luke. Good stuff your end too