Friday, 7 November 2008

A couple of Workset Tips that you should take heed of ..

  • Never Work in the Central File
  • Save often! Both locally and to Central
  • Always relinquish all borrowed elements and Worksets before leaving work for any extended period of time ie Going to lunch, going home, going on holiday etc.
  • Recreate your Local file regularly. You can create it as often as you like, but do it at least once a week.


Brian Renehan said...

Good points.
We can add to the list.
"Do a compacted save to central at least once a week. Twice if there are a 4 or more people working on the file."
"Audit the Central File once a week"
"On large files, only open the relevant worksets you are working in for your session"
"When archiving the file, ensure it is a detatched file"

Mike Hacker said...

Good points. Thanks Brian