Friday, 22 August 2008

Turn a Ramp into a Slab.

Use the Ramp macro to define the ramp.Define a level slab using the same plan profile. This will give identically vertical corresponding points, which can then be snapped onto the ramp using the warping function.Snap by clicking the either the blue down or up arrow (but not the square grip though) and dragging onto the corresponding point.Don’t worry about the following warning message. Once all the points are done, it will correct itself.Delete the ramp to leave the slab only.Now walls can be attached to the warped slab, openings can be cut and floor finishes added.

A very big thank you to Darren Snook for putting this together.


Unknown said...

thanks alot.
that's what i was looking for :)

(but why is autodesk not simply giving the slab intelligence to ramps? these workarounds are starting to suck)

Royal_Mind said...

Thanks for the tip.
But please where can I find this "ramp macro"?
It's not showing anywhere!

Chander said...

Thanks for posting it.
sometimes you are focusing on the problem enough so that a simple solution evades your attention.