Monday 9 May 2011

Create a Cellular Beam Family - A Method - Overview

A few weeks ago, Glenn Jowett posted on his RevitST blog about the OOTB Cellular Beam Family.
I completely echo Glenn's sentiments and it reminded me of the issues we have had. We have had a workable alternative for some time, but it needed a little more development, which Glenn's post has prompted me to do something about. Also, that we should share this with the larger Revit community. The issues have been to get something that is both user friendly and has good model performance. Autodesk recommend economy when using voids, arrays and nesting in families, which unfortunately are required for this particular family to work.  I will cover the aspects in different parts as outlined in the shopping list below to keep it manageable:


Create a cellular beam family. End user parameters to be limited to the Cell Pitch/Diameter and the section size top and bottom. Model performance must be managed in the right way

Shopping List

  • Shared Parameters
  • Catalogue of Standard Sizes
  • Profile Steel Tee Family
  • Generic Model Cell Void Family
  • Generic Model Steel Half Beam Family
  • Structural Framing Cellular Beam Family

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