Tuesday 14 December 2010

Starter for 10 - Radius v Diameter

This is my first contribution to the Waterman Revit Blog, which will form the basis of a dialogue of our experience with Revit, particularly in implementation and family creation. This will specifically cover Revit Structure and UK based content, but we hope that all flavours will gain something.

So, introduction over and onto business
Radius v Diameter
If you've ever done anything in a family involving a circular object; pipes, tubular columns etc and wished you didn't have to put in Diameter/2 to drive a radius parameter, then the following video is for you

This outlines a method for creating the parametrics for a tube, using only Diameter and Thickness to drive it, taking your family from this (OOTB example):

To this:

A much neater solution


cadalot said...


Gald to see that the old Blog is being posted on again.

Get Mike to help you breath some life into what was a fantastic resource.

Darren Snook said...

Cheers Alan, hopefully our thinking will be of some use to others