Wednesday 21 January 2009

Ever wanted to stop two walls joining ?

We have two walls that have a 75mm expansion joint betwen the ends. When trying to model this initially we couldn't get the walls to stop joining "automatically" until we noticed the Edit Wall Joins button which wakes up the Disallow Join button.

Easy now we know !!!!

Thanks to Simon Jones for showing me this.


Priit said...

It seemed like a good tip ,as I was struggling with walls at the moment. But I am using Revit Structure 2009 WU3 and i seem to have no such option when i click this button. I have : configuration :previous/next;butt or miter or square off and display options. What Revit are you using? I hate when Revits are different , especially I am mad about Revit MEP scheduling capabilities.

Priit said...

Ok- got it. It is "preventative" measure, as you don't have this option when you have already connected them :(.