Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Having learnt a bit more at the AUGI Design Academy

last week I have managed to rationalise the number of drawing sheets we had. I've done this using a " Visibility " parameter. Never even considered it before.
So when you start a new project using our Template 5 different drawing sheets will be loaded. A0-WGroup, A1-WGroup, A2-Wgroup, A3-WGroup & A4-Wgroup.

To turn on your particular address and Company name. Select the drawing sheet and go to the Element Properties and turn on the relevant bits.


Johann Hudtwalcker said...

one basic question: where can we find your Waterman Template? did you publish it anywhere earlier?

Mike Hacker said...

The Waterman template is really only pertinent to Waterman.

Christopher said...

I did something similar to this for our company: parameters to turn on/off addresses for our 4 different offices. But we have different logos as well as addresses.

At first I was stumped by the lack of a visibility parameter on bitmap images (our logos). Instead I used the size parameter to size the non-active images down to 0 inches.

That worked fine until I exported the sheet to DWG, and the logos got huge--larger than the whole sheet! I fixed this problem by sizing inactive logo images down to 1/256" instead of 0"--small enough to be effectively invisible, but they don't "blow up" when exported to DWG.