Thursday, 18 September 2008

We now have a Secant Piled Wall Family

It's called W_SecantPile.rfa and can be loaded from MasterDocs\CAD\Revit\Waterman Library\Families\Foundations.
This family allows you to have different depths for the Male and Female piles and you can adjust the angle. along with turn the Female pile off.You can also obviously change the Diameter and Centers of the piles.As both the female and male piles are made from the same material you have to unjoin them after placing to get them to show correctly.


Erik said...

Have you created this as a "wall" system family? Or is it component family? This is really interesting. Can you talk more about it.


Mike Hacker said...

E-mail me and I will send you the family.

Shamsd said...

Hi how can make secant pile its for my project.
Thank you.

5mellows said...

Where can i find the link?

demondegs said...

Where can I also find this link

RowenaD said...

Hi Mike can I have the rfa file for secant piled wall?
Appreciate your help.


icesteam said...

hi can you email me thanks

Unknown said...

Hi Great video. I tried to follow your instructions but I am missing something. The D parameter isnt working for me or not linking.... tried everything.

Can you please email me this family. I appreciate all you time you spent creating it.


Unknown said...
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