Thursday, 26 June 2008

Project Browser ....

You will notice when starting a new project using the Waterman Template the Project Browser has been customised slightly to help organise and find things quicker.

You can further customise it very easily to suit yours and the projects requirements. Just go to View Properties and scroll down to the bottom.

Under the parameter “Other” you will see “View Type” From the pull down you can change this. If what you require isn’t in the list you can just type it in.
This give you the ability to separate out, say, Steel Sections from Concrete Sections, or 1st floor sections from 2nd Floor Sections, Steel GA’s from Concrete GA’s from Stud Drawings as well as different reasons for 3D Views.

The same can be done on for Sheets. Once again giving you the ability to separate out Concrete from Steel etc …..

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Gary Mc said...

All good stuff, Mike - this blog is a great idea.