Thursday, 26 June 2008

New Beam and Column Families

We have created some new Beam and Column Families that incorporate the Waterman abbreviated naming.

These can be found in Masterdocs\Cad\Revit\Waterman Library\Families\Steel &
Masterdocs\Cad\Revit\Waterman Library\Families\Columns
They are the ones pre-fixed with a W_

To complement these there are a new set of Tags which can be found in Masterdocs\Cad\Revit\Waterman Library\Annotation
If you are using the Abbreviated naming then the Tag to use is W_Structural Column Schedule Tag-45.rfa

You will also notice that a couple of Tags have a “CO” or “CU” in their name. These can be used to tag a Column Under or Over.

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