Monday, 9 May 2011

Create a Cellular Beam Family - A Method - Part 1 - Shared Parameters & Catalogue

Shared Parameters

Create Shared Parameters as follows (parameter type shown in brackets):
  • Cell Pitch (Length)
  • Cell Diameter (Length)
  • Section Top (Family Type : Generic Model)
  • Section Top Depth (Length)
  • Section Btm (Family Type : Generic Model)
  • Section Btm Depth (Length)


    The cellular beam family here will be composed of sections from UK steel stock, UB (Universal Beam) sections and a catalogue of sizes will be required. At Waterman, we create our standard catalogues from scratch, using compiled information from the Tata/Corus Online 'Blue Book'. and extra parameter that we use (as opposed to the OOTB catalogues). These master catalogues are held as csv files, then copied and renamed to the appropriate family type catalogue txt file. For information on creating type catalogues, refer to the Revit help files. The type catalogue will drive parameters in the 'Generic Model Steel Half Beam Family'

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